Wedding Videography Service

In the spring of 2013, I began working in the wedding videography industry and since then, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the craft. There’s just something about genuine moments that capture our hearts, and I love being able to transform those warm memories into a powerful, heartfelt story.

​Currently, I work as a full-time wedding videographer/same-day-editor for SDE Weddings, where I specialize in capturing cinematic wedding footage and transforming those cherished moments into a beautiful, everlasting memory. I’m also responsible for hiring new team members, training new videographers, and previously assisted in the daily business operations. SDE is an incredibly warm, ambitious, and talent-filled company that I love being able to grow and work with like-minded creatives there!

​Below are some samples of my wedding videography and editing work. Every video is a same day edit wedding film, which I skillfully crafted on-site during the wedding day for the loving couple and their guests to watch during the evening reception. Thanks for checking it out, and if you’re interested in hiring me to film your wedding day, you may contact me directly or through the company to request me.

Linear Highlight Video

Linear highlight videos are edited in chronological order to showcase the wedding day from beginning until end. From the early morning preparations, to the heartwarming ceremony, to the fun photoshoot, and finally, the evening’s grand reception, this is a great way to recap the day’s festivities and share it with your family and friends! Linear highlights tend to be faster-paced and have little to no dialogue as it disrupts the flow of the video.

Non-linear Highlight Video

Non-linear highlight videos are much more personal and story-driven as it typically begins with an introduction teaser, layered with soundbites from the couple’s letter-reading and ceremony vows. Non-linear edits tend to be slower in pace, but is a lot more engaging for the audience as the story pulls the viewer in.

Destination Weddings

Traveling and filming? Yes, please! Traveling is one of my strongest passions, and I love capturing the sights of new places. Below are destination weddings that I filmed and edited in Arizona, New York, and Mexico! I recently filmed a destination proposal in Banff as well!

What style of edit should I get?

Personally, I feel like the style of edit is dependent on your personality and love story. Those who prefer the linear edits normally enjoy fast-paced, upbeat music that jumps from one scene to the next. Non-linear edits are typically for the more sentimental couples who wish to express their love and emotions through a slow-paced, heartwarming film.